Open Space On Two Levels Taking Advantage Of The Attic House

To achieve the two original open space from the apartment of about 110 square meters with high ceilings 3.30 m was lowered by 60 cm the slab and have removed all partitions. This way it obtained the first floor an open space that includes the kitchen, living room and bathroom, plus a small bedroom for the children and a study, and upstairs an open space with double bedroom, dressing room and second bathroom. The staircase leading to the attic floor was created by a partition with welded iron in it steps, lights and switches.
The steel steps have been treated and resin lucid white with the “pockets” to frame the glass panels that serve as parapet. The main dwelling environment is the open space on the floor below, characterized by a gold-colored curved wall of great impact that separates the living area from the main room, and which continues in the shape of S in the kitchen. In all the two levels of the house are the white system of vents to spread climate. The production of domestic hot water provides a solar panel with a capacity of 200 liters of water. The lower floor is heated with radiant floor, the upper hand with radiators. From the top floor attic of about 110 square meters, it leads to a small terrace with sea view. For stability reasons, access to the terrace remained original height and is therefore higher than 60 cm, therefore, have been created two steps from the side of the wardrobe.


For the open space on the floor below it was chosen a resin floor mirror effect decorated with white and gray effects in harmony with shades of carpets and seats. The environment is dominated by gold-colored wall, also lit by spotlights on the ground. In front of the wall it is placed the dining table with glass top and glossy transparent polycarbonate chairs that highlight the golden color of the wall. • Table: Atatlas Casprini • Chairs: Pangea Bonaldo • Sofa: Highlands Moroso • armchair and ottoman: Fjord Moroso • Spotlights: land along the curved wall of the Beret-Lèd


The angle of the open space living room is furnished as a home theater with a 3D TV and audio and video devices. The hanging colored reproduce the shades of black and gray upholstery and accessories and the red color of a kitchen wall. Above the screen is fitted with a LED strip, cold light. • Television: 55 ‘of Siemens • Sound system: Bose • Hanging: Pianca


The kitchen environment is characterized by the S-shaped curve that continues the golden wall of the residence in the step and in the ceiling, always gold. In the white kitchen wall high up to the ceiling and with glass doors are recessed in the microwave, oven and wine cellar. In a niche next is placed instead on side-by-side refrigerator. The central island curve accompanied by stools with chrome frame and footrest resumes the wall around and is highlighted by an LED strip warm light under the step. • kitchen: Elektra Glass Ernesto Meda • Appliances: Siemens


On top in white Corian® curve the central island hob flush induction is installed above the island hood and the white welded sink. In contrast to the black and white of all furniture and kitchen accessories the front wall resin is red. • hob and hood: Siemens • sink faucet: Franke


In the master bathroom you immediately recognize the curve gold wall that separates it from the living area. The gold color is also taken up by the resin floor with spatula decoration. To characterize the glass countertop washbasin, bidet and a glass jar suspended are the square and linear shapes, shots even from the taps, in contrast to the smooth rounded shape of the main wall. • Plumbing Glass: GSG • Taps: Silk Bandini • Towel warmer: Tubes


The open shower floor shower has custom-designed, shaped and resin. The two ceiling shower heads guarantee lit along the walls of the shower a good light. The glass wall separating the shower from the sink is made with the glass surface both inside and outside the shower, to prevent water in the steam time and remove the silvering of the back of the mirrors. • Shower tray Wedi Fundo


The staircase with steps suspended white transparencies to the upper floor is lit by spotlights at each step and lights positioned under the staircase itself. Of impressive serve as parapet glass panels. Of great aesthetic impact is the floor lamp with direct light resting on a white Carrara marble base and delimits the seating area, in perfect harmony with the colors of the floor and the staircase.
• the steps of the ladder Spotlights: M1 Viabizzuno • Lights under Ilamt scale of I-Led • Floor Lamp: Flos Arco


The top floor is an open plan: here were derived the dressing room on sight, sleeping area and a bathroom. The walk-in closet that follows the trend of the attic was handcrafted custom made with iron pillars painted white and steel sticks and was completed by two white drawers. The partition wall behind the bed takes up the red wall overlooking the terrace, while the padding of white bed matches the white of the walls and the walk-in closet. • Bonaldo bed give a sense of warmth to the entire sleeping area, bathroom included, was chosen a dossier parquet in warm colors. The gateway to the bathroom, as well as the terrace wall is red.



In the bathroom 12 square meters dominate the colors white and gray interrupted by the red of the bath tub wall and door. The plane on which the two basins is painted and resin and has been custom made. • Jacuzzi Harmony Plus Hafro • Oriens of washbasin • Phoebus taps Signorini

Floor plans of the house – Downstairs




Architecture: Interior Designer Luisa Alabiso

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