Restoration Of A House With Modern And Minimalist Style

Today we will see how an old house can become a modern and minimalist house, the dream of many people come true with affection and dedication.

These are the images of the house before the restoration. It is a very dilapidated house in Taiwan, it seems impossible that such a house could end up becoming something modern, right? Well Hallucinate with the reforms that have made the house become a paradise for many.

Let’s start by taking a look at the fa├žade of the house. Painting the house in gray, removing the bars, changing the windows and enameling the frame in red, we have managed to have a much more modern house.

It has also modernized the goal and the gardener, who was neglected and looking very left.

The interior of the house is a dream come true. All the elements are cared to the millimeter, with a simplicity that makes it exquisite and very attractive to the eye. In this case we can see how the small bookshelf is multifunction and also serves as small sofa overlooking the balcony.

The side table is unique, simple but artistic, it seems a unique and special piece.

The staircase is in the middle of the house, separating the rooms. The wooden shelf also acts as an environment separator, with an open and functional appearance.

The fish tank in the bathroom gives a natural look and zen to the house, it is a unique and very original idea. Is also used to put a sober corner bathroom, which helps to make the most of the space of the house.

The room is quite spacious and has enough space for a king size bed. The stool is used as a bedside table. To give you an idea of ??the distribution of the house, the plans of both floors, the bottom and the top.

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