Roses Brushstrokes In A Nordic House

Today we bring you a fantastic Nordic interior, full of light and modernity. It is a white interior with pink brushstrokes, something that gives it a soft and feminine look. This apartment is in Stockholm, and follows the typical characteristics of the Nordic style, so often in the Scandinavian countries.

As we can see in the photographic report, it is an apartment decorated using the white color: walls, ceilings and floors. Even much of the furniture follows this color, something that helps us to get a very broad look, much more than it really is. The color white, in the northern countries, is used mainly because it helps to obtain more luminosity, something, which is appreciated when there are times of the year where you only have so few hours of light a day.

In addition, it is a very small apartment, so all furniture and decoration is functional, has a very concrete, as well as aesthetic use. The bathroom, for example. Is tiny, and attempts to compensate for the lack of space with ingenious ideas that offer more storage space.

To break a little with the monochrome, have used the brushstrokes of pink that we find in textiles and decorative elements like paintings and ornaments. We can also see dark contrasts, which help us to create some depth. The use of wood helps us to soften the interior a bit, making it less cold and more comfortable.

Another feature that we can highlight of this house is the large entrance of natural light that has. In these countries, apartments are designed keeping in mind the need to attract sunlight into the apartment.

On the other hand, natural elements also stand out, which like wood, helps us to make this white interior a more welcoming place.

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