Saatva Mattress Bad Reviews

Saatva is an online mattress bad retailer made in 2010, a number of floors in the mattress industry since its introduction provides a mattress with three levels of comfort, from soft to hard, soft lined, plush firm and toned. The mattress is sold as a luxury bed with a mid-range price ($ 1,000 or less).

Obsessed with the benefits of this mattress you have thought, not twice to buy it and try with your beloved family. The advantage of this mattress that we review:

1. Strength

While Saatva claims the production of high-end mattresses ensures a good night’s rest, some consumers have found a problem with the strength of the bed. The firmness of the mattress is essential for the comfort and individuals in the bed at different levels of administrative varies depending on the spine and joints are difficult to fit. Saatva line was criticized for the non-uniform mattress. Many consumers have complained too hard about the mattress, of course, too, the height of the soft plush can be difficult, though. This is a big problem for people with chronic back pain and sleeping on the clean side.

In addition, other buyers will notice that the shape of the body after a short use impression soft mattress. Here again, the quiet sleep of a problem for those who rely on a firmer mattress. The danger is that consumers can not rely on the comfort of the advertised because some units get too hard while others are not strong enough.

In addition, the solution can be proposed by Saatva when customers buy this issue at the top, it is. This is problematic, not only because some people are very hot with an extra low, but also because customers do not have to pay for the repair of the damaged mattress.

2. Motion Transfer

Another important feature of the mattress is important for comfort is the speed of movement of the transfer. Little motion means a movement where one side of the bed is not felt by people on the other side.

Some consumers have marked a lack of isolation in bed Saatva motion. Feel the move on the other side of the bed partner can lead to a restful night. May interfere with sleep at night which inconvenience even says pets are moving in bed. It should not be a problem for a mattress that will compete in the high-end products. Although the power is not a problem, a bad move can be transmitted to a restless night.

3. Eco-friendly materials

One of the most interesting features of this mattress is placed on environmentally friendly materials that are used. This is an important feature for people affected by harmful chemicals used in bed if you are mostly looking for a mattress for children.

While Saatva claimed that the mattress is made mainly of renewable vegetable materials, only about 30% is the actual number of environmentally friendly materials. Although this fact on the company’s website, it is misleading advertising. Many consumers consider this statement satisfied that the mattress is 70% of the petroleum products.

Therefore, the mattress is not only strong and has a high transmission of the movement, but also chemicals that are less than expected from the customer. This is a problem both material and ethical marketing bedding.

So, still think to not buying?

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