Schmidt kitchens : prestigious and French savoir-faire in the new 2016 collection

Of style and quality material, perfect fusion of design and comfort, so Schmidt expresses the taste for simple elegance that is molded in the kitchens of Collection 2016. In over fifty years of experience the French really stood out for its capacity to give life to the pioneering concept that today are constituted by a collection can offer a total freedom in customizing, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

Thus the research and know-how Schmidt meet the soul and the Italian style in the vibrant and creative solutions that transcend the concept of “stay in the kitchen” to embrace an idea of ??the kitchen that opens to the living convivial. This is why the essential requirement of each of the proposals Schmidt is functionality and ergonomics to meet the needs of increasingly precise and advanced users, without of course neglecting the care and attention to eye-catching aesthetics, up to date.

The collection Schmidt in 2016 is marked by special attention to the effects of matter, with practical furniture and a more functional approach to the kitchen. Designed for all types of use, and for lovers of all styles, from the most traditional to the most contemporary, the Schmidt models reveal the aspects that make this strong brand: the ability to anticipate all needs and to transcribe in the creations, from the product to project.


Dynamic and whimsical: Schmidt reinterprets the grunge charm by offering the best of vintage with a modern twist. The kitchen comes alive the magic of the past years with an industrial taste for a solution that you remember. The metal details, the concrete effect, the combination of evocative shades and irrepressible charm of wood characterize the obvious look and decided to FRAME: a kitchen with an irresistible retro charm with urban and modern cut.

The old school character is perfectly recreated thanks to shell handles, Caneo colors and the soft, comfortable environment. The island, from the original and impressive cut, has lowered the sides of the hob a large preparation area, with a refined and subtle plane quartz. Prolongation of cooking and separated by a splash-floor glass, the table allows 4 people to dine comfortably. Over the sink, the lift Ranch and shelves give an incomparable charm to the whole.


The timeless elegance of white, simplicity and order emblem, conquest Schmidt, who in the new collection enhances the potential of this color through the creation of contemporary solutions enhanced by details and finishes, which sublimate the refinement. Shiny and spotless presents STRASS EOLIS that, behind the lacquered doors, conceals extraordinary organizational solutions capable of meeting every need of everyday life and is characterized by great dynamism conferred by open elements and the well-researched textural finishes. The stainless steel sockets and plan snacks effect rough wooden elements are a strong visual impact are the perfect counterpoint to the all-white kitchen.


Home Schmidt blows the north wind. Simple, linear with a strong appeal to nature in shades for a sophisticated and attractive kitchen. Cozy warmth and style are the result of the choice of colors and materials that characterize this solution, simple and practical at the same time. With ARCOS, Schmidt has revolutionized the concept of living to marry the loft effect so appreciated the real design addict. Smooth side doors without handles, in exclusive colors Marvel and Harvey, with tip-on system are authentic in one of the most current design principles – Less is more – and hidden organizational solutions for those who love the extreme order, practicality and concreteness. The large island with sink to flush-mount is the meeting place par excellence where more people can cook, prepare, chatting. ARCOS is the emblem of conviviality more pragmatic, more current trend inspired by a living social and style that meets functionality par excellence.


A place to live allure refined and modern where the perfect balance of volumes and shapes are the real stars of the kitchen created by the brilliant minds of Schmidt. With its play of colors – in this case Grey Stucco and Celest -, ARCOS EOLIS is an expression of perfect harmony between matter and form. Many original equipment will make this easy to use solution: the corner cabinet in total output, ideal hood element to have on hand spices and seasonings, or the exceptional column dishwasher, oven and microwave are the structural details that distinguish . The flush-mount sink with the countertop raised contributes to the perfect set ergonomics. The open elements create the leisurely pace of the entire composition.


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