Sofa bed: choose comfort over aesthetics

Sofa convertible Mood Ditre Italy

The first criterion is the frequency of use of the bed. If there is a daily use or otherwise be considered normal two factors: convenience of the opening mechanism and the comfort of the mattress. The latter must have a thickness of 12-15 cm. The support can be in mesh, ideal with many mechanisms, elastic straps, or even telescopic staves.

When often turns the padded, another element of evaluation is the ability to close the facility with the bed made. Generally, it is recommended to leave only the sheet, as not to strain the internal device. It is also important to consider where to place pillows and blankets: in many cases, there are storage compartments, obtained for example in the thickness of the back and armrests or in the base of the structure. Based on these considerations, account must be taken of the available space, element-binding as it reflects on the type of processing system, therefore the handling and the packaging industry form.


At a constant size of the network, the coaches may have different external dimensions which depend on above the amplitude of the armrests and the backrest. To save space in width models are without armrests or have thin: this allows you to have a double bed 160 x 200 cm with a total of only 170/175 cm footprint. Some models also have the peninsula terminal, usable if necessary as a bed for children. Notwithstanding the proportions between structure and rest plan as part of the manufacturing companies may be slight differences in the measures even in standard production. In general, however, the length of networks and mattresses is 190 cm, which in some cases reaches 195-200 cm. The width can, however, be summarized by reference to the following parameters: twin beds 80-90 cm; in one and a half 120 cm; French 140 cm; Finally traditional double 160 cm. If one considers the external structure, to contain and mattress folded in the base, the depth of the packaging industry should be about 90 cm.

In the choice of the sofa, it must also consider its position in the room. In some models, in fact, the backrest is transformed into the base of the bed or disappears under the structure: in this way is less support for the cushions and the head, in the case where for example you want to read, and is, therefore, useful that behind there is a wall. It is also provided for the light dots for reading lamps. The traditional side table is the perfect solution: it offers a basis, without having to move it when you open the bed. A Pleasant and practical alternative if there is not enough space, is to use two wall lights, which can also help illuminate the entire room. For convenient use, around they serve at least 40-50 cm of free space.

Mechanisms and opening systems

The convertibility should not be at the expense of design, indeed there are models that have their own expression from building system. It is of less traditional versions, with a slender silhouette, and with small dimensions. They are enhanced by placement in corners or collected by the combination with completely different sessions. The transformation of the structure mechanism also provides an intermediate position, as this can give a sort of chaise longue for two.

The opening mechanism via the tilting of the backrest and the subsequent conduct allows to always leave in their position all pillows, without that go in contact with the floor. It is one of the most practical and widely used systems.

When there is little space in depth, we should focus on systems that provide the network placed in a back way. This way you can reduce the overall length of just 1,870 cm, compared to 200-210 centimeters required instead to sleep in an upright position. Can be constituted by a removable base which is attached to the seat surface, or from backrests which are lowered to the level of the latter, doubling the support surface.

A structure made of tubular steel, with geometric lines are often combined with mechanisms allowing intermediate degrees of adjustment. In this case, for example, the inclination of the backrest and seat are adjustable, so as to obtain different angles, up to 180 ° to form the bed.

Upholstery and mattress

The padding is vital to prevent the session appears stiff or uncomfortable. In those polyurethane foam, the density is important: an ideal value is 30 kg/mc. Regards membranes, the range is very wide: from diverse textile categories, usually removable, until the skin, traditionally used for fixed lining. Many models can also be associated with some options. For example, you can have the back cushions adjustable in height to make the support of the back more comfortable, or sliding seats and extensible that promote relaxation of the lower limbs. In certain cases, it is optional also the choice of the mattress. Some mechanisms, in fact, allow to range between multiple versions, for example with springs, normally given as the standard type, or foam or latex, which costs a bit ‘higher. However, it is always good to seek advice from rivenditore.

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Ditre Italy moodIl sofa Mood Ditre Italy has basic steel chassis. The backrest cushions are in polyester fiber frayed and seat in polyurethane foam density 30 kg/mc covered in Tecnoform. The fabric or microfiber is completely removable; one in leather or imitation leather has removable cushions, not the body. The EN mechanism for the sofa bed is certified 13759: 2012 and CATAS No. 148145. The orthopedic plan is in big slats from 170 mm, for polyurethane foam mattress length 197 cm. The Super Series Foam mattress is made of expanded polyurethane with density 25 kg/mc covered in fabric 51% polyester and 49% polypropylene quilted with wadding; the optional, Comfort, is density expanded polyurethane 30 kg / m3, covered with removable quilted lining 100% polyester fabric with anti-mite Ownership and certified Oeko-Tex® Standard 100. Dimensions L 197 x H 80 x P100-213 cm. Price starting at € 2,532 EUR.

Piazza Duomo Flow sofa bed, convertible into a single or double bed in one couch. Tested and seat, covered in fabric, leather or leather removable thanks to velcro, they are completed with three pillows fitted with hinges to allow the removal of covers. Measures sofa 183/203 L x W 115 x H 67 cm; Bed measures 183/203 L x W 206 x H 67 cm. Base price: 3735.00 euro. Until 31 December 2014 gift a duvet 4 seasons.

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