Soul Light To Furniture Expo 2016

In Furniture Expo Mobile 2016 stand out among the many other furniture with a refined and crisp design which, combined with light-colored or even white, make it elegant and versatile elements, easy to match and not get tired. In the living room are increasingly present also easy solutions, the size of the libraries contained small-format tables, made with different materials, from recycled wood to marble, circular or nearly oval, to be used in pairs or three of a kind, next to the couch, also easily move given the small sizes. The living room is filled with many functional islands, perfect to adapt to changing spaces dictated new contemporary lifestyles, with perfect elements to be used in large open space in the center of the room or on the contrary also suitable for cutting smaller and smaller apartments, where they are useful pieces free standind or double sided to zone a single environment.


Sag of MDF Italy is the new table that can also be used as a stool, and also outside. The original structure with concave arc, made of rigid polyurethane, making it extremely robust, scratch resistant and aesthetically aging and sinuous. It is available in white and mud variants, the plan can be coordinated or bamboo. Size ø 44 x H 44.5 cm.


Daytona Ditre Italy is the new chair with a slight shiny metal frame embellished with wooden armrest; The comfortable seat is upholstered in gray fabric. The rear of the backrest is made of fine leather. Size L 69 x W 80 x H 73 cm.


Herman Natuzzi Italy is the new sofa characterized by the outer metal support inspired by the fin of Moby Dick; It consists of modules with deep seated and comfortable, equipped with chaise-longue end units.


Yori Désirée by Euromobil Group is the new table to be positioned next to the couch that resembles the shape of a stylized bonsai. It is characterized by two irregular shelves of fine white Carrara marble; The structure is made of metallic matte bronze rod.


Cellar of Domitalia is the new modular bookcase made up of planes in white lacquered steel sheet combined together and separated by white wooden panels. You can compose different configurations to meet different needs. Size L 180 x H 200 cm.


Lario 88 Flexform is the new angular sectional sofa covered in white removable fabric. The arms have been eliminated and the sides there are tables and cabinets coordinated with wheels that can be combined or kept separate to ensure maximum comfort.


Dialma Brown is the new recycled wood Hexagonal table made in three different sizes; the base is made up of cloves of old pine in which the veins and the imperfections of the wood are enhanced by the perspective effect.


Sign S-Objects Bookshelf of Baleri Italy by Design Hub is the new small library self-standing with white shelves that rest on the base dark wood. It is a light decor and easy to place. Size L 160 x W 36 x H 98 cm.


Casket of Filodiferro collection Barel is the great new ottoman with built base in solid iron rod forged on which rests the seat upholstered in white leather.


Iceland Segis is the new bench with back features a shape that resembles a stylized iceberg emerging from the sea. The trapezoidal backs are padded and double sided seat is made of aluminum.


Aston Martin distributed by Formitalia Luxury Group is the new library wall with an unusual, original lines: the structure is lacquered matt silver with drawer fronts in Alutex. It is provided with a LED lighting system that creates a play of light and shadows on the surface. Size L 450 x W 50 x H 130 cm. HYPERLINK


Atlantique from Florence Collections is the new and impressive high-backed chair made unique with a wraparound shape. It is covered entirely by hand in white skin, is illuminated by the silver machined pins. It is available also black. Size L 126 x W 110 x H 136 cm.

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