59+ A Stylish And Modern Home With A Spiral Staircase Ideas

SPIRAL STAIRCASE – The spiral staircase represents a practical and beautiful option for every two or more story house, for mezzanine apartments, duplexes and so on. By combining high style and practicality, contemporary design or rustic materials, modern and luxurious or modest and sober, this type of staircase is a magnificent choice for every home, no matter its specific style.

Another important advantage is that a spiral staircase can be integrated into any room, small or spacious, without unnecessarily amputating too many square centimeters of usable surface. But apart from being super functional, it lends itself to several styles of beautiful decoration. The spiral staircase finds its application in extravagant galleries, ultra luxurious homes, modest homes – and above all, it is preferred by people who love elegance and style.

spiral staircase, wood-white-modern
white staircase with wooden steps and white pole

There are many variants of spiral staircases in terms of materials, finishes, and clutter. For example, metallic models are very fashionable and give the room, light or dark, a luxurious, modern and elegant look. On the other hand, the wooden models give the home an organic appearance thanks to the natural material used for their realization.

They are perfect and on a virgin white background, and in combination with colorful decorative objects. The wide variety of railings made of metal, wood, plastic, monotube ramp etc. conditions more aesthetic installation options of all types than you can imagine. Here is another proof for the aesthetic importance of the staircase at home.

Black spiral staircase

Spiral staircase ideas-guard-transparent wood
Source: Deviata.fr

If it is your own unique style, opt for a modern design staircase that is completely devoid of unnecessary detail. However, if you have small children or your elderly parents live with you, a less steep and secure design with handrails and handrails is always to be preferred. Anyway, home security is more important than aesthetics, is not it?

White interior spiral staircase

Source: deviata.fr

On the two pictures above, you can admire two diametrically opposed approaches to integration of the spiral staircase into the overall space. The first highlights the structure in question by opting for the aesthetic contrast of the black metal on the white background immaculate. The second strategy is to completely eliminate the staircase based on the technique “white on white”.

A red spiral staircase with black anti-skid polka dots

ideas spiral staircase-red-black-peas-monotube
Red Spiral Staircase Source: Deviata.fr

So, decorate your spiral staircase with paint in contrasting color compared to the mural, and even climbing plants, if you want to accentuate it. Unleash your creativity, adding other decorative elements. Do not forget the non-slip tape, especially if you have chosen a stiff screw model without railing and handrail such as the red metal staircase in the picture above.

Screw staircase in industrial raw concrete

ideas spiral staircase-ramp-metal-white-rustic-steps
stone outdoor spiral staircase Source: deviata.fr

The helical concrete staircase shown in the photo above is a good example of an industrial design that impresses with its raw texture and imposing skeleton. Logically, it is ideal for lofts. But can also introduce a strong contrast and a pleasant element of surprise in homes that have nothing to do with the industrial style. Would you dare a similar model in your own home?

Contemporary metal spiral staircase

ideas stair-spiral-black-metallic ramp-parquet
contemporary spiral staircase with bookshelf Source: huffingtonpost.com

Here is another spiral staircase in the same style, but this time metallic, which is however integrated into a rather rustic interior. The black steel screws communicate very well with the massive flooring in mismatched boards and matching furniture. At the same time, all these attractive decorative elements are further enhanced through the whitewashed brick cladding.

A spiral staircase in wood with suspended steps with storage

ideas spiral staircase-wood-stairs-triangular ramp
wooden spiral staircase Source: homedepot.com

Next, we would like to present you with a spiral staircase in wood that gives full sight to the stunned observer. Its steps are spirally arranged and seem to float in the air. But, the good surprises do not end there because they are also equipped with small storage spaces super cunning. One can quietly say that the functionality of this charming model is surpassed only by the beauty of its design!

Wrought iron spiral staircase with magnificent filigree steps

Spiral staircase-ideas-metal-black-ramp-wood
attic spiral staircase with white wall design Source: homedepot.com

Being on the subject of super aesthetic models, here is a helical staircase in wrought iron whose filigree steps are frankly magnificent! In this given situation. Painting the rest of the piece in white in order to emphasize the beauty of the black metal was the unique winning solution. Ethnic pattern rugs, as well as books in the floor-to-ceiling bookcase, are the small, colorful touches that are essential to the success of the integral design.

A spiral staircase in blocks of raw wood of curious design

ideas stair-ramp spiral-wood-design
Log wooden spiral staircase contemporary Source: homedesign.com

The specific arrangement of these blocks of raw wood, as well as the lack of unnecessary details. Transform this original spiral staircase into a true aesthetic eye-catcher nestled in a narrow cage all white. Rustic and minimalist at the same time. This model is ideally suited to any style of interior decoration and is easy to delight the star with the other elements of the interior decoration. Check out the rest of our proposals in the gallery to follow and choose yours!

Raw metal screw staircase with green accents

ideas stair-spiral-monotube-metal-accents-green mignonette
tube spiral staircase with green painted Source: home-desiging.com


Stylish living room with spiral staircase in wood and metal

ideas stair-spiral-monotube-marches-timber-ramp
metal spiral staircase in living room Source: homedepot.com


Spiral staircase with handrail and “floating” wooden steps

ideas stair-spiral-modern-design-metal-black-wood stairs
wooden spiral staircase with floating steps Source: donpedrobrooklyn.com


A spiral staircase in wood and metal

ideas stair-spiral-black-metal-monotube
outdoor spiral staircase with metal design Source: hummingpost.com


Screw staircase with modern design in rough metal and black

ideas stair-spiral-wire-monotube-marches-triangular
indoor spiral staircase with floating steps Source: donpedrobrooklyn.com


Cozy chalet with exterior metal spiral staircase

ideas stair-spiral-metal-pipe-brown
outdoor wooden spiral staircase ideas Source: deviata.fr


A spiral staircase with a horizontal railing

staircase ideas-spiral-wire-modern-design-minimalist
contemporary vertical spiral staircase design Source: deviata.fr


Spiral staircase with metal vertical railing

staircase ideas-spiral-metal-gray-steps
horizontal spiral staircase design with metal pole Source: deviata.fr


A metal spiral staircase with wooden steps

ideas stair-spiral-outer-black triangular-steps
outdoor metal staircase design with black paint Source: homedepot.com


Design staircase with metal steps perfectly imitating propellers

spiral staircase-green-metal-wood-vintage
spiral staircase indoor design with green pole and wooden steps Source: deviata.fr


A spiral staircase with a metal railing and a wooden ramp

ideas spiral stair-steps-white-wood-triangular-monotube
minimalist spiral staircase with a metal pole and wooden steps Source: lowes.com


Modern apartment with modern spiral staircase

ideas stair-spiral-stairs-triangular-floating-monotube
contemporary spiral staircase in modern house source: lowes.com


Metal snail with triangular step and metallic ramp

ideas stair-spiral-steps-gray-metallic ramp-metal
gray spiral staircase with single metal pole Source: arkestaris.com


Spiral staircase with wooden steps and railing with white railing

ideas stair-spiral-on-wood-ramp-white
minimalist spiral staircase design with colorful wall Source: theironshop.com


A spiral staircase made of metal and simple

ideas stair-spiral-on-wood-railing-metal
wooden spiral staircase in minimalist house design Source: deviata.fr


Spiral staircase with wooden steps and black metal railing

Spiral staircase-ideas-wood railing-metal-black-ramp-wood
spiral staircase with black pole and wooden steps Source: deviata.fr


A spiral staircase with railing with handrails and steps in white and red

ideas stair-steps-spiral-white-rectangular ramp-black-metal
white spiral staircase design with red steps Source: deviata.com


The beauty of the spiral staircase in elegant solid wood

ideas stair-spiral-modern-interior-wood-pipe
spiral staircase with solid wooden Source: lowes.com


A modern and elegant spiral staircase in black and white

ideas stair-spiral-within-elegant-black-white
white elegant spiral staircase design Source: deviata.com


Red staircase next to the black library

ideas spiral staircase-red-black-monotube-library
wooden red spiral staircase design indoor design Source: homedepot.com


The original wall decoration is also not to be missed

ideas stair-spiral-stairs-wood triangular ramp-wood-metal guardrail
original style design spiral staircase with classic design Source: deviata.com


Dare to display patined surfaces, especially in a cottage or shabby chic context

ideas stair-spiral-interior-wood-metal-rustic-room-bedroom
rustic staircase in the white bedroom design Source: homedepot.com


Wooden steps and a light gray railing

ideas stair-spiral-light gray-wood-modern-design
Modern ideas white indoor staircase with wooden steps


Glass is preferred by luxury penthouses and high-end apartments

Spiral staircase ideas-guard-transparent-ramp-metal-glass-steps
modern glass stair with outdoor view Source: lowe.com


A very impressive spiral staircase with modern design

Spiral staircase ideas-guard-transparent wood
awesome wooden staircase design indoor ideas Source: homeideas.com


ideas spiral stair-guard-wood-stairs-wood
solid wooden stair with spiral design and minimalist space Source: homedepot.com

ideas spiral staircase-terrace-ramp-metal chimney
indoor staircase in the attic house ideas Source: deviata.fr

Exterior spiral staircase with metal railing

ideas stair-spiral-outer-metal-monotube
outdoor staircase home design Source: homedepot.com


A metallic spiral staircase with triangular steps

ideas stair-spiral-outer-metal-modern-monotube
tringular staircase with metal pole indoor house Source: lowes.com
ideas stair-spiral-outer-timber-battens monotube
outdoor staircase design with wooden case Source: homedepot.com
ideas stair-spiral-outer battens wood-metal-steps
outdoor staircase design ideas
ideas stair-spiral-staircase-metal-wood stairs
contemporary indoor staircase design with wooden steps Source: homedepot.com
ideas stair-spiral-white-metal-monotube
metallic staircase design in minimalist house Source: minimalistdesign.com

Exterior spiral staircase with balustrade in wooden slats in harmony with the facing

minimalist staircase design with harmonic house ideas Source: lowes.com


A white and elegant spiral staircase

ideas stair-spiral-white-metal-monotube-ramp
modern staircase ideas with white painted indoor design


Modern Mezzanine with spiral staircase

white staircase design with white steps and black rail


Wrought iron exterior staircase

ideas stair-metal spiral-ornaments-marches-triangular
metal staircase outdoor design with classic house stone design
ideas stair-spiral-black-gloss-railing
metal indoor staircase design in minimalist house ideas


A spiral staircase with a white railing and wooden steps

ideas spiral stair-steps-white-wood
contemporary white staircase with wooden steps


Spiral staircase for outdoor use

ideas-staircase-spiral-metallic-black-triangular-monotube steps
outdoor metallic staircase with black painted rail
ideas stair-spiral-stairs-wood terrace outside
wooden outdoor design ideas with wooden steps


Super stylish

ideas stair-spiral-stairs-wood-pipe ramp
spiral staircase with wooden steps and wooden rail
staircase ideas-spiral-metal-black
white staircase with stylish design


Black spiral staircase

Spiral staircase ideas-antique-metal ornaments ramp-metal
antique staircase design with iron rail
ideas stair-spiral-white-railing-metal
black staircase with black floor design

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