Stay: Three Solutions To The Sofa

In choosing the sofa is crucial environmental dimension intended to welcome him: in addition to the physical space to insert it properly, there must be proportion between elements and appropriate distances to leave the comfortable steps (at least 80 cm). If the room is rectangular, or rather does not have enough depth to guarantee a conversation area on two sides facing each, an online model is ideal, just adapt the number of places to the available space in the living room. In rooms with a square plan, not overly large, the solutions to “L” meet the need to create a cozy conversation area, collection, though without requiring a space on two sides of the same length. A particular case of this latter version, are the sofas with chaise longue terminal, that have proved suitable also in the interior not too spacious as the angular area has a minimum extent and, for example in a location at the center of the room, also it becomes a kind of separation from the visual point of view between different areas of the day part of the house.

The latest trends in design for the house favor a sober style, characterized by elegant furnishings and neutral colors. Gray is the true protagonist of this new trend: Widely used by designers for its great versatility, it has gained in recent years a leading role in the world of. It’s perfect in taste sober environments, but it is equally suitable for industrial emphasize contemporary contexts and post. It is no coincidence that many furnishings, accessories and even coatings – resins, cement tiles, concrete tile effect – adopt the gray as a color guide, proposing it in shades ranging from the always elegant pearl to the intense lead, passing through innumerable shades in between. A real mat color, the protagonist of a real rediscovery thanks to new and winning combinations: in combination with beige creates all’attualissimo greige, while matched with metallic sheen creates surfaces with a strong material impact. Trend also pairing with bright colors – lime green, fluorescent orange, lime yellow – very suitable to emphasize metropolitan contexts. For its timeless classic color characteristics it is also perfect in the living area, which is often used to “dress” the furnishing highlight: the sofa precisely. In the most intense shades it is suitable for sculptural shapes and generous in size, while in the more well suited to emphasize more clearly baroque models. Lastly spice up with accessories and contrasting furnishings: colorful cushions, lamps and rugs in bright patterns, wallpaper and matching fabrics.

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Available with decorative stitching on the dot comb made of contrast or hue of color, the Artis couch Ditre Italy has a chaise longue and restraints accessories and support made of leather. It consists of a side of three seats and a maxi maxi peninsula fabric Pantera 007. Size L 346 x P 102/164 x H 80 cm. Price in photo composition: 5,250 Euros.

Ideal for those who love to talk, the sofa Dalton Soft Ditre Italy consists of a side of three big places more central base and an angular side fabric Equipe 019. Size L 424 x P 106/242 x H 80 cm. Price: 6,692 EUR.

Ross Ditre Italy is characterized by the comfortable backrest with buttons, for skid legs and for the thin armrest. In photo, linear composition in Lyon 004 leather formed of a side two lateral seats for three people. Size L 333 x W 125 x H 74 cm. Price 5,892 EUR.

Continuing the theme of relaxation and great performance, Ditre Italy is committed in recent months in a new challenge: the rebuilding of the seats of three ski resorts in Cortina d’Ampezzo. Ditre Italy has specially designed and made the special padding of the new sessions: resistant to cope with the cold weather season, soft to accommodate guests with care, without forgetting ergonomics and elegance.

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