Studio : A House Of 30 Square Meters Resolved To The Centimeter

The studio is on the ground floor of a building of the early ‘900,’ old-style Milan. ” Main feature of this type are that the different units of the complex overlook an interior courtyard are distributed by galleries that, at different levels, they run along the facade. A rectangular plan, the mini apartment has an area of ​​about 30 square meters: a rational organization of spaces and customized solutions and disappearance have been provided, without sacrificing comfort, all vital functions: living / sleeping area, dining table , kitchenette and bathroom with dressing. The high ceiling height, greater than 5 meters, has permitted the construction, on the one hand, of a loft equipped as a study area.


The only room is furnished with tailored solutions “fixed” and with a few pieces of which is rather easy to vary the arrangement according to the requirements. In the dining area, a round table will reduce clutter and help smooth the transition. • Table: Pic Nic Pliny the Younger • leather armchair: Fjord by Moroso, designed by Patricia Urquiola • White Coffee Table: Occasional Table LTR Unifor, design Charles & Ray Eames


The convertible sofa is leaning against the wall portion between the window and the entrance door; to meet the ventilation and lighting relationships in the environment, the latter is constituted by a transparent tempered glass panel mounted on aluminum profiles. The finish in matt white laminate floor visually lightens the environment, making it appear larger. Resistant, durable, easy to lay and economical, the laminate is a composite material formed from several superimposed layers: the upper one is a decorative film which can mimic the appearance of wood, ceramic or other elements. • Convertible sofa: Eclectic Pliny the Younger

An all in one solution

The small size of the apartment made it necessary to concentrate in the same space the day and night functions. Without resorting to customized solutions, this has been possible thanks to a convertible element of production that can take different positions. Armchair, sofa and bed: A single modular piece, which changes its appearance at different times of the day allows you to decorate the living room / bedroom minimizing clutter.
● The padded is formed by two wooden structures which slide over one another with a game of joints. When closed, the dimensions are those of an armchair; the extension can be used as lateral support surface; or, covered with the supplied cushions, it allows to obtain a single bed 200 cm long. By combining two elements, you can get a bed matrimonial.


Elements concealed

Given the small size of the apartment, the choice has been to divide and identify as much as possible the spaces with flexible partitions systems that allow to articulate the small environment in several different ways.



Under the volume of the loft, along the wall, it was originally a compartment wardrobe 60 cm deep; It is closed by two white finish panels that slide one on the other. The interior is equipped as a small walk-in closet, with hangers, drawers and containers of which you can vary the position.


In the bathroom, which has area of ​​slightly more than 3 square meters, the great thickness of the bearing walls has been exploited to derive a niche in which the suspended plan tailored fits with the washbasin. The floor and the shower wall are covered with dark mosaic.


The minicomposizione in the kitchen line, 60 cm deep, is developed along the same wall of the wardrobe; all the elements of the operational area are totally disappearing as if it were a wardrobe. In a 200 cm length about it was possible to insert sink, cooking area, a refrigerator and a microwave undermount the rooftop. The area is illuminated by spotlights recessed into plasterboard curtain that hides the mezzanine structure.

The operation block

On the housing side opposite the front door, in a space of 15 square meters many functions were concentrated.
● In the low floor area from the loft slab there are a kitchenette with a dining area, the wardrobe and the bathroom; the latter, preceded by dressing as required by law, uses the basement of the ramp leading to the loft.
● In this part of the house, to minimize clutter, have continuity with the walls and keep everything in order, each compartment is closed and camouflaged by panels that slide in some cases inside, others outside of the wall .


The home-raised office

The living space of the studio have been expanded from the loft built over the bathroom and the kitchen. It was well equipped and made an independent study area.


The loft is furnished with office furniture. The bookcase in aluminum sheet has approached the desk in the same material, supplemented by a chest of drawers in the lower zone. The orange stool is a modern antique 50s model, the type supplied to the old drawing board with drawing board. • Library: K1 Hi-Tech • Desk: Less Unifor Jean Nouvel design • Table Lamp: Artemide Egle

A structure suspended

The new construction loft extends on one of the short sides of the plant, the one opposite the entrance area: the tread surface has a length of 5 meters and a depth of 180 centimeters.
● The load-bearing structure consists of beams embedded in the perimeter walls on which transfer the weight; the decking is in marine plywood covered with white painted wooden beads. An organized area: elevated environment is accessed via a staircase with steps made of bent sheet iron. A balustrade made of iron profiles allows overlooking the room below. The inner side is occupied by a metal shelving of industrial type and by some mobile low for the support of the printer and other electronic equipment.
● The desk was arranged in order to take maximum advantage of natural light coming from basso.


The project of the studio


Project architect Cinzia Galimberti
Photo: Cristina Fiorentini

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