Tables, Chairs, Lamps : How To Match Them

Table: where should be placed?

Shape of the room and place the table in the interior are the things to be taken into account to identify the right model: whether it should be placed on the wall, the rectangular is preferred, in the other hand are best round and square. For each of the persons that must be calculated accommodate 40 cm deep and 50-60 cm wide) and the space around (70/80 cm). Finally, for table linen, American runner services and adapt more easily to the top square and rectangular.

Ergonomics and appearance of the chairs

The comfort is given by the shape of the seat, which must be shaped and possibly with curved front and with the highest just in front of and behind the lower part. The backrest is required a certain elasticity, due to a moderate but effective oscillation. Not only, it must be slightly tilted backwards, not to “cut” the back, must avereun’altezza exceeding 30 cm. Lastly consider the table / chair report: taking into account that the plan of the first
is about 73 cm from the ground, for the chair will be calculated 45.

Turn on the right lights

On the table serves a punctual light that illuminates without glare or create shaded areas: the suspension perfectly fulfill this function. Should be set at 70-80 cm from the ceiling plane. For the number of lights that are used, consider that you need to reach 100 – 150 lux, then this data must be verified according to the type of lamp choice. Also the uprights, provided with adjustable stem are suitable to the dining area, but better if the table top does not exceed 160 cm in length, otherwise to be compared with other light sources.


Friendly atmosphere brings out the structure of the table painted metal Descartes, with veneered wood top from the edge debarked available in 3 finishes; size L 250 x W 105 x H 75 cm, 2,339 Euros. Around, the Anaïs chairs have wooden structure and are entirely covered in dark gray tweed fabric; a size L 44.5 x W 58.5 x H 92-45 cm and costs € 254,50. The suspension, Pom Pom, have the diffuser in white frosted blown glass attached to a metal cable 200 cm long; a size L 8.5 x H 20 cm and costs 148 euro. All products are Calligaris (

Watch the matches

In an environment with plenty of natural light such as the photo below you you can opt for dark finishes for furniture with excellent results. It will then textile coatings and the complements to illuminate the set. If the table is round, they are able to accommodate a smaller footprint and more people and to encourage conviviality because there are no places “privileged.” For 4 people the minimum diameter is 90 cm, 160 cm for 8.


The heat-treated oak table Wow is supported by a real structure-sculpture. Available in two sizes of diameter (160 and 180 cm), it is 73 cm high, the smaller one costs 4,150 Euros. Combine the Tabby chairs have structure in black lacquered ash open-pore stained oak or heat-treated and padded with fabric, leather or imitation leather. A size L 62 x P 54 xH 74.5 cm and in the basic version, excluding VAT, costs 849 euro. They are both Lema ( It illuminates the floor, a lamp ball, in vintage style.

At the table of the previous photo you can also combine these chairs and lamps …


1) In red to turn on the environment … | The chair of Aragon Tonin Casa has wooden frame (ash stained walnut, dark oak or natural oak) and leather upholstery. Size L 46 x W 55 x H 96 cm and costs 337 euro. | The Axo Light Muse lamp coated stretch fabric, removable and washable. Size Ø 40, 60, 80 or 120 cm; 120 cm, fabric base costs 502 EUR, excluding VAT.


2) Balance between different forms. | The chair of Imperial Feng Shui Line combines two materials, wood legs – provided for in walnut, oak or beech – and polyurethane shell. Size L 43.5 x W 57 x H 85 cm. | Cosmic Rotation of Artemis has the speaker coating molded opal methacrylate, which creates a great atmosphere light. Measuring Ø 76 x H 25/200 cm; halo costs 751 euro.


3) Toni and trendy materials. | Grace Montbel is an armchair that can be fully customized, from the tissues to the size, the height of the seat. Size L 71x P 62.5 x H 86 cm. ( | With Woody Slamp thanks to the double-jointed stem is simple guide the light beam. The hat is made of polycarbonate, the wooden base. Measure H max 230 cm.

Watch the matches

The table rigorous approach allows a lot of freedom in the choice of lighting and seating. Here prevailed soft, enveloping shapes and uniformity in tone. The table for 4 people, if square, needs to have the side of 90-100 cm, while for 8 of at least 130 if it has the central leg or of 140 cm if the legs 4 are at the corners.


The Flat table Rimadesio is available with glossy or matt glass coordinated to the aluminum structure in the same color variation. Or in natural aluminum, brown, black, titan and white shiny snow. The plan also exists in white acrylic LG – HI MACS. In measuring 124 x 124 x H 73 cm with opaque glass costs 2,436 Euros ( The chair has minimal lines but enveloping. The suspension with polyester speakers is Cloud Belux (

At the table of the previous photo you can also combine these chairs and lamps …


1) thin thickness. | Katia Reflex is a chair super lightweight rigid polyurethane with an opening in the back. Size L 55 x W 51 x H 79 cm. | Daddy of Ideal Lux plays on the lampshade, proposed upholstered in fabric or in chrome pvc foil, the floor lamp in lacquered or chrome metal. Size L 118 x W 40 x H 197 cm; It costs 239 euro. (



2) Classic revisited. | The Alivar Annika chair combines the solidity of matter to the lightness of the lines. It is made of cast aluminum with upholstered seat and back. Size L 48 x W 60 x H 80 | Lodge Leroy Merlin has the lampshade painted metal enriched by the work of the embossed outer surface. Also available in white. Measuring Ø 60 cm x H max 200 cm and costs 159 euro.


3) White lightens. | Drop Scab Design is shaped like a chair, but light, thanks to the housing in recyclable polymer. The legs are made of steel. Size L 61 x W 57 x H 78 cm and no pillow costs 83 euro. | F27 Aerostat Fabbian has a diffuser in polished white blown glass. The base metal is nickel finish, brass or copper. Measuring Ø 33 x H 56 cm and costs 530 EUR, excluding VAT. (

Watch the matches

The table with transparent glass and steel structure is a master key that is also well matched with vintage or antique pieces. The rectangular table, the most widespread, is particularly suitable for rooms of the same shape. For the plan you need a depth of at least 80 cm. The minimum length for four people is 120 cm, preferably 160 cm.


Extendable on Monday table has frame and legs in steel painted white or matt graphite and laminate top or crystal. Available in two sizes, the smaller (L 140/175/210 x D 80 x H 75 cm) in the base version costs 1,218 Euros. The Anne chairs with steel frame in different finishes and fabric, leather or leather in the size L 46 x W 55 x H 87 cm, and in a basic version costing 312 Euros. A ceiling, Hublot with shade in chrome-plated steel, painted white or matt graphite and white interior that to the extent Ø 50 x H 20 cm costs 542 euro. All Cattelan Italy. (
At the table of the previous photo you can also combine these chairs and lamps …


1) modern twists. | Holly Max Home, if necessary increase the guests, the chair of polypropylene is lightweight and stackable. Size L 47 x W 55.5 x H 79.5 cm. It costs 73 euro. ( | Chrysalis World Convenience has elongated shape of the woven metal shade that suggests to pull more items. Measuring Ø 20 x H 175 cm max; It costs 44 euro. (


2) Mix of materials | Compact and lightweight, folding chair Enjoy by Pedrali is made of polypropylene. Once folded, it occupies only 9.5 cm. Size L 49 x W 50 cm x H77,5; It costs 104 euro. ( | In chrome and glass, Clario Philips has the height of the 3 adjustable suspension; the intensity of light is dimmable. Size L 107 x H 35.8 / 150 cm and costs € 549,90.


3) Invitation to relax. | Enveloping, Margot chair by Bontempi Casa can be alternating, around the table, with other types of chairs from the same collection, always with wooden frame without armrests. In size L 56 x W 55 x H 87/49 costs EUR 786, excluding VAT. | Conforama Dublin has beam of light that directs you where you need it thanks to the folding arm. The base is made of metal, fabric shade. Measure H max 205 cm; It costs 139.99 Euros.

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