Tables Interior Glass Top, Legs Protagonists

Visual transparency and lightness are the qualities that characterize the glass tables and glass, materials that combine excellent structural strength at a high material lightness. The top thickness depends in part on the style and in part by its size, and also by how it is made the structure on which the plan should be supported. The sheets of glass, float or extra-clear, are usable for table tops of 10-12-15-19 mm thickness. For large, the thickness is typically 15 mm; for intermediate measures 12 mm and for small / medium size 10 mm. The glass top surface can scratch though.

It is therefore good to have some care in maintenance, just use a soft cloth, exclude the use of aggressive detergents and, in case of water use, the cloth must be very well wrung out and the top goes immediately dried carefully to avoid halos) . In the case of tempered glass is broken, the fragments remain united or crumble into small harmless fragments thanks to the “tempering process” which it is subjected; the accident-prevention safety glass increases by more than 4 times the flexural strength and thermal shock to the glass. If you do not want a perfectly clear plan you can choose or the satin finish and sand blasted or the lacquer: these models lose their transparency take on greater visual consistency.

The glass table can be inserted in an environment with any type of wood finish, provided that the base or the legs are transparent anch’essere. If these are made of wood or metal, wood or color must be uniform to ensure a pleasant aesthetic result; possibly it can be admitted a game of contrast, but between two elements and not more.

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The extension table reels Ricci House with tempered glass and brushed stainless steel, size L 140-200 x W 80 x H 75 cm. Price 225 euro.

Lord of the table with Reflections oblong top and legs in crystal glass, has mechanisms of stretching in white aluminum. It ‘also available in extra-clear glass in the dimensions 120-200 L x W 90 x H 75 cm or 160-240 L x W 90 x H 75 cm. Price from € 2620.

The table Skorpio Cattelan Italy with base in transparent painted steel, embossed white, black or graphite, has transparent 15mm Crystal, extra clear or extra clear with bevelled edges reverse. It ‘available in different sizes from L 182 x P 90 x H 75 cm. 182 cm, price € 1,622.

The base of the table Arketipo Quiete of solid ash seems generated random interweaving of woods like a Shanghai, a clasping of materials revealed by a transparent top in tempered glass. It has a diameter of 140 cm and is 75 cm high. Price 2,617 EUR.

He has chromed frame and glass top with white side silkscreen Chanel table Mercatone Uno. Size L 140 x W 90 x H 75 cm. Price 89,99 euro.

In Eclipse table Target Point on the central stem, made entirely of polyurethane, is fixed a brushed aluminum lane on which a tempered glass 200 cm extendable up to 300 cm. 200-300 size L x W 100 x H 75 cm. Price 3,647 EUR.

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