Tables Prevails The Essentiality

The tables in this edition are large and characterized by an essential design. Some models recall the sobriety of plovers tables of the past reinterpreted in a contemporary way. Protagonists of the living, the new approach models almost always two different materials for the plan and the “base”, which often takes the place of traditional legs: wood, marble or glass for the first; solid metal for the floor support structure. The result is a stylish décor, refined style for the simplest version, or dall’aspettto luxury in those using dynamic forms and important or valuable materials. The top give a tactile effect and are made of hot-grained wood, precious glass or marble. The supports are of two types: either extremely simple and essential, or have the appearance of compact, sculptural bases.

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Memo Lema has a great plan in precious oak thermotreated supported by a simple leg made of red lacquered aluminum, but it is also available black and matt brushed. Size L 400 x W 110 x H 72 cm.

Calligaris status is formed from a light brushed oak floor very thick and a lightweight frame made of gray painted metal with a crossover design. It is also available in a version with vintage painted base rust effect and the edge is bark floor. Size L 200/250 x D 105 x H 73 cm.

Shanghai small Reflex has a sculptural base formed four legs coated with a sandstone sheet obtained by a special craftsmanship that allows us to obtain thin sheets from the block of stone. The round table is made entirely of transparent glass. Size ø 150 x H 76 cm.

Argo Mara Srl is a folding model that allows you to maximize space. The elegant chromed metal legs are conical in shape and are equipped with lockable wheels; The top is available in different colors and finishes. Size L 200 x W 80 x H 71 cm.

Hystrix Cattelan has a metropolitan style emphasized by the base in painted steel rod and worked in plot reminiscent of the pillars of American bridges. The top is made of extra-clear glass that allows you to admire the sculptural base. It is available in six different sizes. 240/300/320/340/360 size L x W x H 75 cm 100/120/130.

Dale Italy is made unique by the floor antique oak recovered from the roofs of the old farms in Trentino Alto Adige as demonstrated by the warm color and cracks on the surface. The legs are made of lacquered iron, but are also available in rust finish. The table is made of the measures requested by the customer.

Greeny Bonaldo is made entirely from natural materials and pleasant even on the tactile floor: fine marble in four variants for the plan and solid wood for the base, American walnut and gray brushed ash. Both the structure and the top have an unusual elliptical shape. Size L x D 180/215/240 110/115/120 x H 73 cm.

Notorious Marioni is elegant and refined, reminiscent of the atmosphere Forties. The metal has a spectacular finish in brushed brass and creates a nice contrast with the plan onyx almond with ground edge. Size L 245 x W 120 x H 73 cm.

Euclid Domitalia has a clean and light form thanks to the support structure made of painted and folded sheet steel. The plan is available in solid oak or glass both in the fixed version is extendable. Size L 200/240 x D 100/110 x H 75 cm.

Maso Red Collage Milano approaches the sheets of masonite the top, protected by a bathroom on the polyester, the sheets in MDF curved and glossy red lacquer which form the basis: the result is a very decorative pattern.

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