The Authenticity Of The Wood for Kitchens Schmidt Design

Schmidt reinterpret distinctive traits and forms of the past, proposing solutions where wood is the undisputed protagonist, matched with contemporary themes, aesthetic and technological. The play of contrasts, where the heat and nobility of the wood blend with clean essential lines, and the authenticity of the material alongside the practical sense suited to everyday life. The result is ergonomic configurations, tailored design, generous spaces, sliding elements from easy to use. The Schmidt kitchens interpreted in an entirely new way the noblest of materials under the tactile and visual, rediscovering the naturalness of the turn the matter with contemporary elements.

The company has for years engaged in ensuring the best balance between respect for the environment, quality and health in the choice of operating procedures and products. The focus on green issues is expressed primarily in the materials: the panels are certified PEFC (global brand that guarantees the origin of timber from forests managed according to sustainability criteria and on the basis of strict regulations, updated annually).

Schmidt has managed it masterfully calibrated use of natural elements, technology and know-how in the field of more than 50 years, offering as a result a wide range of finishes in solid wood and wood veneer. The language, and sophisticated wood matched to the modernity of the compositions give life to living project that will shape the individual’s needs and new trends. Specialist bespoke furniture, Schmidt took the wood for the creation of kitchens and living areas of exclusive values ??charged by the essential sign.

Kitchen ARTWOOD Line is a reflection of the finest Nordic tradition and revisits the nobility of wood in a contemporary contrasts with the great decorative impact. The atmosphere that results is a fresh and welcoming at the same time. of ARTWOOD distinctive element in the version line is the groove of the oak doors which add a note of elegance to the composition by the extremely restrained character. ARTWOOD line is the expression of a modern design applied to everyday life: sensual natural wood and maximum comfort, which are the proper expression through the perfect balance between technological performance and materials used.

With Aragon Master the classic wooden kitchen concept is translates into a domestic space from the material flavor that is meant to be lived, opened onto the living area. The solid oak Aragon Master has the taste of tradition on the one hand and on the other transforms the authentic wood irregularities in a fine detail that makes it unique. Omnipresent throughout the composition, the wood gives the room warmth and conviviality. The solution is designed with a central island accessible from both sides to increase the working space.

The brushed or sandblasted treatment accentuates the texture and grain revealing all the authenticity and beauty of the subject. The silver or gold metallic patina detects light highlighting the findings of the wood giving a unique effect very trendy. The know-how of Schmidt in the field of wood processing is combined well to a highly customized contemporary style.

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