The Beauty Of Details In A Project Of Comprehensive Bathroom Furnishings Interior

One proposed by Cerasa and realized with the architect Paola Marella collaboration is a complex program that covers the bathroom in all its entirety. The Treviso-based company has been able to intuit and expand the concept of bathroom furnishings offering accessories and decorative objects that can give an idea of coordinated, attractive package.

They are made by major companies of the Made in Italy views, exclusive design of Cerasa, furniture per day, healthcare, closures and shower heads, wallpaper fiberglass, textiles, soaps, and mirrors. The heart of the project is hidden in the ability to achieve, choosing the same materials and the same quality, mobile with sink, the shower, and the shower plate. The most important elements of a bathroom are coordinated materially and chromatically: a single design concept for a truly unique and surprising result.

light fixtures complete the total look project; particular signs? They can also be offered in other rooms of the house and revolutionize the concept of lighting in the bathroom. The floor is equipped with towel rack shelf item that loses in the variant for the living; with the pendant lamp with up and down movement, typical of the pulley may be decided – in turn – the height of the light source; the original wall to be placed along the perimeter of the mirror; soft and delicate, the light produced by the wall-ceiling lamp or ceiling.

All these products come to the right in the restyling
that involved the iconic brand’s collections: Ryo, versatile and minimalist; Joy, dynamic and modular; Play, wide range multi-faceted. These lines carry the signature of the designer duo, Spessotto / Agnoletto, who has been following the company.

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Composition Minimal Play lacquered matt dark gray and industrial essence; shelf in ocritec dove covered with HPL industrial; L 145 x P 51.7 cm; Vintage wallpaper vitrified; Mrs. Lucy stand with shelf, lacquered matt white; rack with matt white lacquered metal structure and shelves in industrial essence; Health Up in glossy white ceramic; shower Slide; Flat Kaleido shower ocritec dove covered with HPL essence industrial; showerheads Quadra series; Mixed belt light cotton; cotton towels Rosé series; towels in linen; vegetable soaps in various fragrances.

Composition Urban Play lacquered matt white and Oxyde Dark laminate; Martin Stone washbasin 2 Deimos white salt; L 180 x P 46.7 cm; Mr. John lamp with up and down movement; towel in linen; Mrs. Lucy floor with cast iron shelf; Soft bath in Deimos Stone white salt; vegetable soaps orange blossom fragrance.

Composition Urban Play lacquered matt Ral 3009 and essence industrial; Dark Oxide floor and washbasin in white ceramic Clipper; L 120 x P 46.7 cm; Mrs. Lucy stand with shelf, cast iron finish; cotton towels Unika.

Composition Urban Play essence natural; washbasin Martin 1 ecru; L 93 x W 46.7 cm; Mr. John lamp with up and down movement; rack with metal structures in cast iron finish and shelves in natural essence; Health Up in hanging version, in matte white ceramic; vegetable soaps orange blossom fragrance; towels in linen and cotton.

Composition Joy Oak hemp with special lacquered dove; plan ocritec dove covered with HPL essence hemp; L 135 x P 46.7 cm; shower Slide; shower tray and walls Kaleido in ocritec dove covered with HPL essence hemp; Round shower head series; Rosé towels series; Nature vegetable soaps.

Composition City lacquered matt taupe and Play plank effect; plan plateau effect with washbasin Chelsea white ceramic; L 93 x W 46.7 cm; rack with lacquered metal structure dove; wallpaper vitrified Frame towels Rosé series.

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