The news on the cupboards for House Life

To meet the needs of consumers, the cabinets become “tailoring“, tailored like a dress can fit any type of space. The new systems can fit into a niche transforming it in a closet or adapt to the sloping ceilings of a loft or even stand in the middle of a room becoming a practical partition wall. You can choose between sliding doors, folding or hinged to optimize space. The handles are a nice decorative element or disappear to make the “neutral gate”. The new finishes are resistant to scratches and stains, ensure durability and color quality remains unchanged. The news also concern with younger customers: the doors enable to unleash the imagination, to draw on it and delete everything without problems. The most innovative cabinets are light and ethereal, do not touch the floor, but remain off the ground: do not weigh down the room, but are transformed into elegant d├ęcor. Even the retro flavor wardrobe are made with new materials, such as metal in pastel shades, and embellished with techniques of the past, like the brass inlays.

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Wire Seletti is a wardrobe painted steel in pastel shades (cream, powder pink, green moss) with brass fittings. The matte outer surface decorated with bright geometric inlays similar to embroidery gives it a nice vintage look.

Flou: has the term Strutt rata surface that makes it particularly resistant to scratches and wear. It also allows you to coordinate the cabinet to the bed and other accessories.

Dedicated to young people, but not only, the wardrobe of Battistella Nests has three doors with folding door in Graphic white, writable a special material that allows you to draw and then delete. The knob turns into a door-markers.

Only Albed allows you to close and equip a transforming niche in a closet. The highest quality materials used guarantee solidity and durability. It is also available in double-sided version to be placed in the room as the center divider.

You can dial in invidual pleasure of BIhome by Bertolotto opting for swing or sliding doors, smooth or decorated. You can also choose between three different handles aluminum models; the interior can be equipped with drawers, Servetti, hangers and dividers to create the ideal solution.

It is designed by Patricia Urquiola Gliss-Up by Molteni & C. The first suspension system by night: the closet always a cumbersome and heavy furniture, becomes air, light, asymmetrical. The wall cabinets, chests of drawers, shelves, available in a wide range of materials and finishes are anchored directly to the wall, and do not rest on the floor.

The Size of Ferri Flex now possible to realize furniture tailored, custom-made and to resolve any architectural difficulty: stairs, sloping roofs, lofts … There are no series and any further measures is accomplished by responding to customer needs with quality materials.

Sliding doors with thick frames for Frame Moretti Compact available in wood or lacquered in many different colors. An ideal simple and straightforward wardrobe not only for the bedrooms of children: the large space inside can be arranged according to customer needs.

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