Toilet Sink Combo Design For Small Bedroom Ideas

Toilet Sink Combo – Currently, has a minimalist home and small size we often encounter. Whether it’s you who live in the apartment and stay home that is small. With a small house like a tiny kitchen, a small bedroom, and a small bathroom. Especially for toilet and sink is an important point when in the toilet.

With a small room. Then, have to make changes to the position of your room. So, by combining the special room in the toilet will give the existing object remains functional without sacrifice the style. So, using a combo sink toilet is the right choice that is applied in your bathroom.

Although not a new thing and less popular. However, for people who have reduced bathroom spaces like bathrooms on a plane would be very beneficial to them. The basic idea is to keep you clean when you come out of the bathroom with your hands clean and flush the toilet smoothly.

So, with the toilet sink combos that have a modern design and amazing. You can save costs and the room will look more spacious and your toilet still looks awesome. Take a look at some examples of combo toilet sinks for your own bathroom.

Toilet and Sink Combined

white toilet sink combo
white toilet sink combo (

The bathroom that has a toilet and washbasin is a necessary means in the shower room. Because without these two items then, will be very solid in doing activities that are done when entering the toilet. However, what if we have a bathroom that has a small size. As the bathroom is the only area of the bath box. Thus by varying the toilet and sink unit by combining it into one. That is the most effective ways to save toilet space and drown in the bathroom.

In the small house design that we discuss in small house design 25 sqm. This is one of the best designs for those of you who have a small room. Utilizing a narrow lava in your home should be very considerable. Especially for the needs of the bathroom that need to be planned to produce a comfortable atmosphere. But, still, provide the best service.

There are many types of toilet sink combos that you can use for your home bathroom. Ranging from the luxurious to the simple. However, the function of each toilet sink combo is still the same in the way of the elements that you can variate. Where the main concept of this minimalist design is a water filling tank for the toilet and for wash basin in the single hybrid piece.

Space Saving Toilet and Sink

toilet sink combo

There are many ways you can take advantage of the small room in your bathroom. Thus, it still has a stunning appearance and also remains functional from every angle. By paying attention to every idea: Your bathroom room is very small probably measuring 1 x 1.5 square meters.

This will make it difficult for you to have all the amenities in your bathroom unless you vary the design to suit your bathroom size. One good way is to install a toilet sink combo that will save space. Can you imagine if the toilet with a very small size has a separate toilet and wash basin as in a large toilet? To move alone will be difficult, especially if you want to insert other bathroom equipment.

For example, you have a tiny bathroom in which there is no more room you can occupy for a sink and toilet. By using the toilet sink combos you can maximize the utilization of a small room in one place the same. And it will make your toilets become eco green due to the use of water in even less use. In designs made by many companies for toilet sink combos. Starting from the traditional rustic to the luxury and elegant design. However, it still does not reduce the main function of the toilet and also the washbasin.

In designs made by many companies for toilet sink combos. Starting from the traditional rustic to the luxury and elegant design. However, it still does not reduce the main function of the toilet and also the washbasin.

Wooden Toilet Sink Combo Design

wooden toilet sink combo

The rustic impression is never separated from the design for the toilet but, still gives a beautiful impression riveting. By giving a touch of wood design for your toilet either for flooring, wall decoration or for the cabinet and the sink. It can provide a comfortable atmosphere for you when you are in the toilet.

With a small room for your toilet plus a wood design that can be used as a cabinet. Not only decorative but also the use of toilet wall as a cabinet to store your items such as extra toilet paper, medicine, scales, and other purposes. Where it will be very useful for you.

How about making your own DIY toilet sink combo from wooden with this concept. make the appearance in your bathroom is not monotonous with one type of design only. However, it produces a kind of beautiful decoration for your toilet. With materials made of waterproof wood and then given a polish paint that adds to the durability of wood against water.

Toilet Cabinet Sink Combo Ideas

cabinet combo toiled and sink

With other design ideas made by toilet and sink manufacturers. Added one item that can be combined into one with a combo sink that combines with a cabinet as a storage place for toiletries you use.

This idea is based on when there are many things that want to be stored in the toilet. Where the object as an important object. Rather than being kept in a separate place and quite distant from the toilet and eat the place when made separately. So, by combining the cabinet toilet sink combo you will get a set in your bathroom.

By combining these three elements. For those of you who want to keep the complete equipment in the toilet you still get it. Although you have a minimalist toilet or small bathroom. Thus, your bathroom still looks charming though with a small size.

Toilet and Sink Vanity Units

cabinet toilet sink combo vanity units

By making changes to the small bathroom you have will make you have a toilet that remains comfortable even though have a small size. Toilet and sink combo will make one of your dream to make minimalist bathroom will come true.

Hope it can be utilized into something useful in the future. Good for you, your family and your own home. There are many designs that you can choose according to your bathroom needs. By choosing and determining the right combo toilet sink.


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