Toilet Without Flushing Rim, Aesthetics And Greater Hygiene Closet

Even with the reduced amount of water used by the latest generation vessels, an average of 4 liters to drain, you can get an effective rinsing due to the absence of the rim, that is, the curved inner edge of the traditional toilet to which passes the rinse d ‘water. An innovative design resulting in different rinsing system is in fact now also available for some models of domestic water. In traditional vessels with rim, in which bacteria can proliferate more readily, about 20% of the internal area of ​​the health care is difficult to clean, since it is not reached by the water discharge.

With the new vessels without flushing rim, ie do not have the overlap of traditional vases, this surface can be cleaned easily, effectively and without splashing, to guarantee greater hygiene. On some models, the exhaust system is double: the water comes down from the top of the vase, is pushed around the pelvis and thus eliminates the dirt with ease. In other cases, instead, the rinse system imparts to the water, which exits from the two holes, the right angle and optimum pressure which ensure an effective cleaning of the entire interior of the toilet.

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Mount Tech AquaBlade® the wall hung Connect Air Ideal Standard which ensures highly effective drainage and hygienic having replaced the rim with a gap no overlap. With slim seat quick release and completely hidden hardware, it has a discharge of 4.5 to 3 liters. Size L 36.5 x W 54.5 cm. Price 549 euro.

It is equipped with exhaust from 4.5 liters the suspended bowl without flushing rim Metric Pozzi-Ginori with Rimfree technology that washes around the vessel due to the particular angle and water pressure. Ceramic white, size L 35 x W 54 cm. Price 775 euro.,

It features intimate hygiene function on ceramic floor vase Geberit AquaClean Sela without flushing rim. The plant and the water and electrical connections for intimate shower are integrated and hidden in the jar. The seat and lid with automatic opening and closing mechanism can be disassembled for easier cleaning. It is also available in the suspended version. Size L 41 x W 38.5 x H 58.5 cm. Price 2,850 EUR.

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