Towels and sponges : plain or patterned

In addition to the classic white, timeless, elegant and combined with any bathroom furniture, towels are found in a wide range of colors, plain or patterned. For a soft effect, better to choose colors in shades with bathroom fixtures, while for a more lively atmosphere, ringing should focus on contrasting combinations or fancy sponges.

In some collections models are adorned with edgings worked in jacquard or satin, fringes and applications as well as embroidery, tone on tone or in different colors in harmony with each other. Especially in these cases the towel becomes a real bathroom piece of furniture with a strong aesthetic impact. Normally machine washable at 60 ° C, reach their maximum absorption capacity after having washed the first time. You should however carefully read the directions on the label to see if you can candeggiarli.

The fabric used for the realization of the cotton terry towels is: for its absorbent capability and its softness, the sponge allows a correct drying, resulting soft on the skin. When buying make sure it is 100% cotton terry, quality assurance and frequent washing resistance. Better still if it is specified that the towel was made not using substances harmful to health. Of a set of bath linens are part of a 40 x 60 cm small towel per guest, an average of 60 cm x 100 and a large bath towel, usually, 100 x 170 cm. Each member of the family should have available three towels, one for the face, one for the bidet and one for the shower, to be changed frequently, depending on the circumstances and needs, so as not to unnecessarily wasting water, detergent and current.

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It has elegant finish with fringes of the set of towels Oats Naturae collection Gabel in pure cotton 500 gr / sqm. With chisel dyed jacquard is Oeko-Tex® certificate. The towel guest size L 40 x W 60 cm, L to face 60 x D 110 cm. Price 20,50 euro.

It was made of 100% renewable material the towel fantasy Lönnern Ikea Italy Retail. Size L 50 x W 100 cm. Price 4.99 euro.

He jacquard edge the set of towels Ropes of Zucchi Basics collection of soft sponge pure cotton in two white and blue colors. The towel guest size L 40 x W 60 cm, the average L 60 x W 100 cm. Price 11,83 euro.

It is made of cotton finished with a satin edge towel Kingdom Frette. Available in various colors, size L 60 x W 110 cm. Price 60 euro.

They are soft terry towels of the Pantone Universe collection by Bassetti Bassetti. They are available in 16 different colors and in sizes L 30 x W 50 cm, L 50 cm x P 100 and L 100 x D 170 cm. Price of size L 30 x W 50 cm € 4.

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