5 Design travertine bathroom for Luxurious house

TRAVERTINE BATHROOM– In your bathroom, the materials that make up your surroundings are those that captivate you and help you to more comfort to your bathroom. Travertine bathroom is one of those finishes that can be used in countless ways throughout your interiors and looks beautiful regardless of how it’s used.

From bathroom walls, backsplashes, and flooring to gracing your bathroom beautiful sense, you will be surprised how travertine tile can beautify your bathroom. Before you think that travertine is only for floors, think again. Look at these 5 luxurious ways to decorate with this gorgeous stone throughout your interiors.

Choose the Valid Travertine Bathroom Pattern

Tile Pattern travertine
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Travertine is often mistaken as ordinary ceramics or flat stone used in other building materials, but in fact, travertine is a sedimentation stone that has a very beautiful surface due to natural processes that make travertine used as building materials that provide beautiful artistic value.

Before installing travertine for your bathroom should be to make pattern selected according to the design of bathroom you want to make. But if you still have constraints, you can ask the expert travertine bathroom consultant so, you will get a good recommendation for design travertine for you’re the bathroom.

There are many tiles and pattern design for your bathroom appliances that can you use for your travertine bathroom. you can use such a natural pattern or combination pattern and colors with a different size that can improve your passion for your bathroom.

Travertine Flooring Bathroom

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Choose travertine design for the floor of the bathroom should choose a design that has a bright color tends premises a slightly soft pattern. It can create a more calm atmosphere when using the bathroom.

You also can give little decoration like mini plant and long windows so the sunlight can get inside to your bathroom that can reduce light consumption. With white bathtubs and white wash basin with a wide mirror, it will your bathroom more live.

If you’re looking to add a rustic design to your flooring travertine bathroom, look no further than travertine. Known for its the good pattern and design flooring qualities. Travertine looks gorgeous in traditional and modern bathroom ideas. Whether you’re chilling travertine mosaic tiles or use large pavers. There are not many floor materials that can make a rustic yet sophisticated look to your entry to your bathroom.

Travertine Backsplash Wall Bathroom

travetine backspalsh
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Not just flooring that you can use travertine design but also you can use it too for your wall in the bathroom for getting a more rustic design with your designing, just use darker or brighter travertine tile combine with many size tile of travertine, it will give sensation of the old and classic bathroom in your home.

Also with glossy travertine for countertops in the bathroom for the washbasin base, it will give more taste of artistic but also still modern design. But if you don’t like full travertine for your well, you can combine it with half travertine and half painted the wall for your bathroom wall. so, there is still modern design but it will give more beautiful if you can find the right combination colors and pattern.

Travertine Stone for Simple Art

travertine stone bathroom
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Combine one of two tile pattern travertine can give more effort for your bathroom, just this design above. What will you see first the travertine in the bath or other travertine design? It will give you an art design with travertine stone pattern in your bathroom.

Making creative and decorative wall from travertine in your bathroom also give your bathroom design more luxurious. With wall faucet and white oval wash basin and put a bathtub in the middle corner bathroom in small bathroom design with travertine tile can make your bathroom looks like a bathroom in hotel or spa.

Travertine could be an old ancient structure back to the previous generation and was used in several necessary buildings throughout the globe. Since it’s historical connecting, it is also employed in the poshest and fashionable material for homes these days.

Determine what your style of travertine ideas your apply in interiors. From shiny associate decreed rustic ideas with only a few hinge joints in a very easy style backsplash to an attic layout with edge well-defined, you may have a challenge selecting only one kind in your interiors.

Travertine Marble with Natural Touch

travertine bathroom
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One of the beauties of this beautiful stone is its varied colors and patterns however one recoil is its ability to scuff and scratch simply. looking on the surface and a high polished travertine might resist higher than a matte end.  Your marble tile travertine bathroom can you improve with single design tile pattern travertine such a marble design.

With long bathroom design in the small area in the bathroom, it gives you the atmosphere in the cave in the deep grand canyon. feel like in nature make you don’t want to leave this bathroom for a long time.

Although a little like marble and granite, you’ll be able to select one wide tile travertine for your bathroom wall and floor otherwise you can raise a tile pattern specialist can direct you to what reasonably travertine stone tile is best for your project.

Travertine Tile Shower Give You Special Sense

travertine tile shower
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To add an opulent bit between the materials in your bathroom take into account pairing lighter tones. Also the darker sense of travertine against your dark cupboard for a country bit. The distinction between the colors sense of the finishes will create toilet style. Simply specific space with travertine style in the bathroom that exudes attention.

Add a special area for shower room inside the bathroom with glass door can make natural touch in the bathroom. With ceramic wall for the backsplash wide mirror and white travertine tile pattern. For countertops in the bathroom also give more space on the floor.

In the end, travertine bathroom design for your bathroom can make the atmosphere in bathroom more comfort and attic with rustic design. just make good planning in luxurious ways for design your dream.

Travertine Bathroom Design Will Change Your Mind

Now, we will show you travertine bathroom design from many decoration and design. If you want to transform your bathroom into an extremely chic and elegant place. We recommend you to opt for a travertine bathroom. Considered an aristocratic stone, the travertine is a very solid material. Which invites as much in a contemporary interior as in a classic decoration.

We have selected for you the most beautiful bathrooms travertine in 25 photos Just for you. It’s up to you to choose the model that suits you the most!

travertine bathroom design
Source: deviata.fr

You want maximum comfort in the travertine bathroom in pastel beige? Opt for a porcelain washbasin on solid wood furniture as shown in the photo above. The color of these two natural materials gives a harmony to the piece of water. Complemented by the large rectangular mirror hung on the wall.

Dare the natural stone and create a chic and elegant travertine bathroom

travertine bathroom wall
Source: Deviata.fr

In order to furnish a travertine bathroom in an Asian spirit, you need to pay close attention to decorative accessories. Choose original frames and design lights that reflect Asian culture and fit into your inner universe.

Travertine bathroom – aristocracy and sobriety every day!

travertine home design
Source: desainmag.com

Transform the travertine bathroom into a luxurious haven of peace! Take a tour of the specialty shops to find a beautiful chandelier that will embrace your interior decoration.

Light up space by opting for a travertine bathroom!

white travertine bathroom
source: houzz.com

Example of a modern style travertine bathroom with two porcelain washbasins surmounted by two rectangular mirrors.

Travertine bathroom for a modern and refined interior!

bathroom design with cream travertine
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The pastel beige and the pure white theme is perfectly suited to a small travertine bathroom, which benefits from a beautiful light thanks to the design sconces and spotlights recessed in the ceiling.

Travertine tile for a more spacious bathroom

bathroom travertine minimalist
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In this travertine bathroom, the light beige tile blends marvelously well with the lattice-patterned walls to give the interior an exotic look. The rosette at the back of the room refers to the splendor of the antique stained-glass windows.

Travertine bathroom in beige pastel

luxurious design travertine bathroom
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When decorating your bathroom, do not forget to have some decorative pebbles and green plants – essential elements for maximum relaxation!

Decorated with matching basins and washbasins form this magnificent travertine bathroom

travertine washbasin design
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Travertine can be used as a floor covering or for decorating walls. If you are one of the most fervent admirers of this sublime natural stone, you can opt for travertine basins matched to the color of the floor and walls.

Travertine minimalist style bathroom

minimalist travertine bathroom
Source: designmag.com

Lightly veined light gray travertine tile and large ultra-slim dark wood washbasin create a minimalist interior.

Wall paneling bathroom travertine

minimalist bedroom
source: homedesign.com

Travertine mole tones and dark gray tiles harmonize with the wall paneling and solid wood flooring.

Feng-Shui-style travertine bathroom

feng shui bathroom style
source: houzz.com

Porcelain bowls are placed on a dark brown marble structure contrasted with pastel beige travertine tiles.

Establish a zen atmosphere

travertine tile design
Source: deviata.com

Sober and graphics, this travertine bathroom plays on horizontal perspectives. Featuring minimalist style, this piece of water is distinguished by hyper design furniture with rounded shapes and clean lines.

Travertine bathroom with built-in bathtub

travertine floor tile
source: home-designing.com

In this luminous bathroom, the travertine brings luxurious touches with the porcelain washbasin and the design ceiling lamp.

Cozy bathroom travertine

cozy travertine stone ideas
Source: homeideas.com

Sober and elegant, the white-painted wooden vanity unit has a rectangular white porcelain washbasin. A mirror with integrated lighting animates the whole.

Travertine bathroom with shower cabin

travertine shower cabin
source: houzz.com

The shower cubicle, concealed behind a transparent glass wall, is lined with travertine tiles with soft tones.

Travertine tiles ground

travertine flooring tile
source: designmag.com

A refined ambiance emerges from this bathroom, which combines pastel beige wall tiles with designer spotlights embedded in the floor.

Travertine bathroom in off-white and dark brown

 Bathroom decorated with a wall tile and travertine floor
Source: pinterest.com

The pretty corner bath gives character to this travertine bathroom decided in dark brown. The bathtub apron and chosen in the same harmony of tones dressing the floor and one of the walls.

Furniture in lacquered white and black raven

travertine backsplash
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Chic and distinguished, this rectangular bowl crowns a storage cabinet in lacquered white and black raven.

Bet on pastel colors travertine bathroom

travertine wall tiles
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The soft shades of the travertine wall tiles envelop the toilet surface and the rise of the wall to the ceiling. The basin, placed on the toilet surface, is made of white porcelain and the floor in porcelain stoneware matched.

Travertine bathroom in a baroque style

travertine tile bathroom
Source: houzz.com

The elegance of this bathroom lies in its baroque style. The interior is enhanced by two rectangular mirrors with golden ornamentation patterns.

White marble travertine tile

travertine wall tile design
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The walls of this travertine bathroom tile are lined with marble tiles imitation marble and a mosaic taupe gray glass paste.

Travertine natural stone bathroom

travertine wall ideas
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The raw look with its aged effect of this bush hammered travertine brings a gentle material effect to this contemporary bathroom.

Underfloor bathroom decorated with potted plants

travertine bathroom flooring
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Spacious and modern bathroom with glass shower cabin

travertine flooring tile
Source: deavita.com

Contemporary bathroom decorated with travertine floor tiles 

travertine bathroom design
source: desainmag.com

Travertine wall and floor tiles in the bathroom

travertine wall tile design
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Bathroom decorated with a wall tile and travertine floor

outdoor travertine bathroom flooring tile
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