Two Rooms Housed In an Older Home

Total renovation to 40 sqm house, an apartment housed in a bigger house, dividing it in half. With so many solutions that increase the brightness and allow you to earn centimeters thanks to service rooms and camouflaged containers.


A one bedroom apartment housed in an older home is usually a great deal in economic terms, because smaller homes relative worth more. It features one bedroom apartment housed in a four in a palace of the first ‘900 with the typical layout typical of tenements: an outdoor balcony in common with the adjoining houses and an elongated shape of the plant, divided into two large rooms – one inside the other – divided by a wall plug that passes through and cuts the volume; Overlooking therefore double, on the input side and on the bottom. It was obtained by the division of a large apartment; the renovation has provided the complete revision of systems, windows and trim, with solutions that have allowed us to better exploit the limited space available.

The choice of neutral and discreet furnishings shades enhances the set and is all geared to get full functionality and maximum fluidity here then – in a central location – the bathroom is divided into two blocks, the mini laundry closed in the mobile space, niches and shelves as main elements to contain, support, expose. In these minimalist settings, wood finishes are important, represent a source of cohesion and continuity that makes it more cozy and warm rooms and passages: door frames are unencrypted raw beech, while the flooring of the entire house is a prefinished Thermo-treated oak: a special procedure that has made it darker than the natural tones.


In the living of the furnishings they use the walls to leave completely free passage at the center of the room. The dining area is resolved with a table (Ikea BJURSTA) which if necessary doubled its surface; coordinates in the finish, the years ’50 chairs are in metal wire, without padding (Dkr Vitra). Are placed in the relaxation lounge chair with removable fabric and a niche with shelves holding the function of belief is “open” is mobile-TV.



The small room furnishings have been minimized in number and size, without losing functionality: the sofa is for two people but can be transformed into double bed, the only element container is in recess while a storage box replaces the table.

In the traditional line sofa conversation area it is covered with removable fabric white and complemented by furniture cushions. The radiator is Zehnher. The pass compartment adjacent environment that port is surrounded by a wooden jamb, recovered and readjusted.


The kitchen consists of a composition in 180 cm line with base and wall units, partially inserted in a recess of the wall; the central peninsula, framed by a shrug on three sides, is used as a work surface, while below are recessed undermount the fridge and dishwasher. A green corner in the kitchen

The apartment overlooks the shared balcony but has a property balcony. restructuring wanted then cut into a “green corner” with two original solutions.

The nice kitchen area, where there is a small snack table, is defined by a floor outdoor: directly on the screed was carried out a concrete casting “annegandovi” naturalibianchi basin of the river, in various shapes and sizes; last step, a past paving protective varnish by hand when the concrete has dried. The area has been “isolated” with respect to the surrounding wood coating interposing iron blades along the line of contact between the two surfaces also to amortize the unevennesses.

The underground garden
Among the composition of the kitchen and the French doors, a planter iron embedded in the ground and perfectly isolated, it was filled with soil and can be used to support vessels or directly to plant bulbs or aromatic plants that grow so flush with the floor.


Our choice is SFRC and colored pavement Sassoitalia┬« Ideal Work, monolithic to “stone washed” effect, with possibility to use even grits. Of the existing screed, per square meter costs 40-60 Euros; of new screed, per square meter, 55-70 euro. Our choice is SFRC and colored pavement Sassoitalia┬« Ideal Work, monolithic to “stone washed” effect, with possibility to use even grits. Of the existing screed, per square meter costs 40-60 Euros; of new screed, per square meter, 55-70 euro.


Between the living room and the bedroom, which occupies the other end of the home environment, there are two bath volumes, connected by iron rods. Precisely this was the innovative and space-saving design solution: halve the service environment to make it more accessible and less “bulky”. The passing shower with clear glass doors that leave everything in sight, is accessible both from the room is the area with the sink. Even in the bedroom the furniture pieces are often camouflaged to save centimeters: the bed is a model without headboard and no footboard, a simple wall bracket replaces the bedside tables and the cabinet is recessed into the wall.


The area with sink and shower, open the adjacent hallway, it has a minimum size of about 3 m, and yet it was possible to equip it on three sides with a studied game of joints. The cabinet with the washing machine, which was built on a design, it also solves the laundry function. In the bathroom the ceramic plate of the passing shower is slightly raised above the floor level so as to retain water; in front, the ceramic basin sink (Ceramics Galaxy) rests on a stone base of Luserna. The floor is made of trea
ted oak parquet, as in the rest of the house.

Space-decorated niche
In small environments, make indentations to enter the furniture or derive shelves without stealing living space of the room, is an increasingly effective solution. Often, also in this house, it was possible to use the depth of the load-bearing walls. In the night two solutions that are exploiting the potential were realized. Between bathroom and bedroom a new deep recess around 60 cm wide and 120 cm was obtained: delimited by a shoulder masonry and closed with an old double door in pickled beech wood, has become a capacious wardrobe. In the bathroom area, however, the existing niche beside the shower has been expanded with the addition of a portion of the wall; in this way now it has sufficient depth (60 cm abundant) to insert a washing machine of standard sizes with some shelves above. When the door is opened overlaps the shower while remaining accessible from the bedroom.


Our choice enables custom made wardrobe the niche of Brooklin Esalinea, which can be mounted recessed wall with doors in lacquered or laminated and customizable colors. Want to see the other two rooms proceeds and see what works and process it took? Look over the next few days in our online section Restructure.

Project: Study Archisbang Turin
Photo: Cristina Fiorentini

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