Upholstered Beds Tufted in Classic Interior Home

The bed with the headboard gives the best result if it is positioned on a wall “empty”: because it is an important piece, able to furnish only from an environment. With the word tufted means a type of padding fastened by buttons or studs, generally divided into lozenges to create ornamental effects, used for coating armchairs, sofas and headboards of beds; It was invented in the eighteenth century, but it has been widely used throughout the nineteenth century era in which it sought the convenience and comfort. The term comes from French for capital case came silk which was packaged stuffing, initially stopped by “Wispy” the same material then replaced by buttons.
The tufted heads make the sumptuous bed, rich, dramatic, and give life to the fairy-tale atmosphere; it is often important elements by the visual impact and, therefore, can be useful for the rest of the furniture to opt for simpler lines, exploiting the bed and make it the absolute protagonist of the environment. Alternatively, other furniture, for example, tables or dresser, must be coordinated in order not to enter into the environment too many styles, shapes, colors. Typically the padding is combined with a wooden or metal, whose quality is to be recovered from the other furniture present.

Elegant wrought iron and antique manually characterize Norma Cosatto, the bed comes with a padded panel covered in white faux leather quilted. Upon request, you can enter three or twenty-four Swarovski crystals in the header panel. Size L 173 x W 207 x H 135 cm. Price 1,685 EUR. www.cosattoletti.it

Hand-knitted fabric for the bed of the French Electra Cantiero collection that is inspired by models of the forties and has a frame made by craftsmen in solid American walnut. It is openable and is equipped with a container unit for storing sheets and blankets. Size L 184 x W 227 x H 126 cm. Price 6,350 EUR. www.cantiero.it

The solid basswood structure polished and finished with beeswax makes cloud Le Fablier a piece a timeless feel; the shaped headboard is upholstered in faux leather, but it is also available in leather. Size L 192 x W 213 x H 124 cm. Price € 1,440 (discounted up to 23 December in stores participating). www.lefablier.com

A spatula lacquered with gold leaf details embellishes Romantica Signorini & Coco, a model that is inspired by the eighteenth-century style and is entirely covered in fine white leather. Size L 198 x W 204 x H 155 cm. Price 6,947 EUR. www.signorinicoco.com

Quality wood selected for the Art. 42.08 of Tosato inspired by the nineteenth-century models and is entirely produced in Italy using traditional techniques: it is accompanied by a data sheet and guaranteed for twelve years. Size L 172 x W 210 x H 140 cm. Price 2,818 EUR. www.tosato.com

silver leaf finish for Hermes Cantori which has the frame made of solid wood and the turned feet; the headboard panel has a soft shape and has a tufted. It is sold furnished with wooden slats. Size L 183.5 x W 214 x H 149 cm. Price 4,657 EUR. ww.cantori.it

Cora of Target Point has the iron structure forged by hand with gold brushed silver finish and the head adorned with an oval inset covered in golden faux leather; It is also available with storage box. Size L 180 x W 202 x H 140 cm. The price of the basic version 1085.80 euro. www.targetpoint.it

The bed model Medea Euro design is built entirely of wood, lacquered matt white. It is available in any finish as per color sample, Swarovski buttons in white leather, with padded headboard or footboard. Measuring 160 x 190 cm. Price 3,166 EUR. www.eurodesignsrl.it

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