Vintage Interior House With Nordic Touches

Today we bring you an interior of an apartment of 150 m2 in France. It is a large, bright apartment, where the white color is the clear protagonist. The touches of color in this apartment give life to it, making it have a lot of strength and vitality. Cream, yellow and blue tones, with a perfect look, a perfect place to live

This apartment is a family apartment, as we can see in the pictures we find on one side the living room, which is the community space where all the members of the house can live in harmony, and then we find the different bedrooms, the bedroom Of marriage, for the couple, and then the rooms of the children.

The living room is a beautiful space formed by a dining room open to the kitchen with breakfast bar. The colors that we can see that standout, are the white on one side and then the light brown color, which is a kind of cream that reminds us of the color wood.

The kitchen is filled with vintage objects like some appliances that we find, for example, the blue-sky refrigerator. Then we also have the ceiling lights, the floor with old tiles and some other kitchen utensil that looks like old that we need so much to give some coherence to the whole.

The natural elements are also very frequent in this type of spaces, since they give a little of naturalness to space, for that reason we find many plants, besides objects like animals, like for example flamenco in the middle of the hall.

A special mention for children’s rooms that are super cute and allow us to see how they have adequate space for children.

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