White sofa: a concentrate of style and sophistication

Decorate the living room in trendy and elegant way is very simple if you stick to the timeless charisma of a white sofa. This precious element can be the undisputed protagonist of the living area thanks to the total white of upholstery. The combination with the rest of the furniture is particularly easy and versatile. The coolest combinations provide the combination with black, gray and dark red. In this case, the white sofa can be further enhanced with cushions in the same color shade of tents, carpets, wooden floors and ornaments, creating a harmonious whole, fresh and pleasant.

The white sofas marry at best even with furniture the same color with a modern and fashion effect but especially bright. From the walls, the floor, the curtains, everything preserves a pure simplicity and the white sofa with its sheer grandeur remains the fulcrum of the entire environment. The white chairs are also easily combine the classic and vintage style and give the living room a feeling of spaciousness and visual lightness. All this can be enriched with the combination of metal accessories and clear glass coffee tables.

The choice of the model is essential: the sofa should reflect the style present in the room. At the same time, we must never forget the convenience factor with contemporary design, retro, classic or futuristic, in any case must have a resistant coating and quality. considerable detail, must be completely removable and easy to clean, especially if fabric. Those leather, smooth or textured, are top of the class: in addition to having a unique charm, are functional, why not incorporate dust and can be cleaned quickly with a damp cloth.

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