White walls and ceiling for an effect of greater amplitude and light

To have greater amplitude and light, you know, the white has no equal. Even more so in a house with a sloping ceiling, creating a delay effect where space is critical. In this great apartment we present, about 200 square meters, on two levels, the attic, which had previously been divided into two areas, was reported in one room of 100 square meters used as a living room with TV, reading area / relaxation and study area. Protagonist of space, the spiral wooden staircase, which connects the two floors. During the renovation are used exclusively ecological products and low environmental impact, both with regard to paints and building materials, as for example the oak laminated floor echo PECF certificate, both as regards the furniture. All rooms have been combined with taste and elegance, modern furniture in furniture, accessories and traditional features creating a cozy, warm and very harmonious.

The wood, a material that is imposed throughout the home is enhanced by the choice of color-white color of the walls or floor coverings, such as the lower level. Throughout the house were provided fixtures for energy saving, high thermal and acoustic insulation and double glazed, pvc. Also the terrace has been fully restored using the plaster walls with anti crack network and for paving a substrate is isolated from the thermal point of view, and from the water and noise pollution.


In the attic open space, the living room – lit from above by a large skylight – is bordered by two large sofas each for two people. The bioethanol fireplace was recovered from an old black marble fireplace from France. The oak laminate flooring contributes to the cozy and contemporary setting. Wood, they are also lamps and sculptures from the property. • Chateau d’Ax Divani


A library tailored, made of wood in the same color of the floor, exactly follows the slope of the roof defining the relaxation-reading area, where it was placed a chaise-longue of design with mattress in black leather. On one side of the central pillar it was mounted a radiator to the entire height of white color which blends well into the environment. In the foreground we see the furniture of the study tailored design of the property. In the attic area, behind the television, it is now used as a handy storage compartment. • Chaise longue by Le Corbusier Cassina • lamp on the table Tom Artemis


Near the wooden spiral staircase connecting the attic floor with the lower one, there is an old Singer sewing machine transformed into the original table. All windows are made of PVC with high thermal and acoustic insulation and double-glazed. • Toio floor lamp and wall lamp by Flos Foglio


The spiral staircase leads to the lower floor in the dining room where a crystal table is placed, made, combined with Thonet chairs restored. The dining area is defined by a dark colored carpet that stands out on the floor in white porcelain stoneware; to furnish the space corner, he was chosen an old piece of furniture of the 800 campaign, expertly restored. The wooden door larch, recovered from an old mountain barn, leading to the sleeping area. In lowering plasterboard, which instead defines the entrance area, they are inserted spotlights to complete the room lluminazione, obtained with the same models of wall and floor lamps, present upstairs. • tailor-made table with legs of Castles • Lamps: both of Flos, floor and wall Toio sheet.


On the wall in front of the table stands, between two leather design chairs, a wardrobe ‘800 restored, flanked by two chairs by Cassina LC2.


To the right of the kitchen it is developed in a peninsula block from the spacious worktop okumè wood, built on a project. The refrigerator was added to semi recessed in a false wall in plasterboard reduces the visual impact it. Opposite the island block was placed a 800 average. In the niches, illuminated by spotlights with light spots and covered in wood, they are placed cookbooks and furnishings. • Double sink • Telma Rex-Electrolux Cooking • Smeg hood


The eclectic master bedroom, over the bed in okumè, a gray canvas designed and built from the property, as well as ladder racks, “fills” the wall with a contemporary feel, while the side tables made from a wooden capital, cut in half and the sofa with wooden frame and upholstered seats recalling styles from other eras. • Lamps on bedside tables eclipse of Artemis.


Between the two rooms, a former second bathroom blind is a U-shaped walk-in closet was derived, organized with shelves tailored, using simple hollow-fir in which were inserted rows of LEDs for lighting. Spaces are optically expanded by a double mirror that hides part of the shoe.


In the bathroom the tub was positioned under the window allowing them to make more accessible the bathroom from the rectangular shape. With very thin edges and an increased depth, the tank can also be used conveniently as a shower. It was equipped with a front plexiglass with LED lighting that creates a pleasant relaxing atmosphere. Throughout imposes the washbasin in solid oak equipped with several drawers. • Kali Bulbleu lit bath tub • Front Animacrylica Vismara Attilio • Mobile JISK washbasin of Kerasan • Health • Taps M & Z • Floor Nat Del Conca.


The balcony, completely renovated, has been laid for an external floor porcelain tile size 30 x 60 cm. For outdoor furniture it is aged teak wood was chosen, which fits with antique pink color of the exterior walls. • Floor Q-Stone Old Sax Antica Sassuolo

The project plan



Photos and design: interior design and renovation Philip Bolzonella interventions

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